Projects & Activities - Community Year 2010

LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) @ Heartlands

After the media conference on the IAWC report, RAS launched its public awareness campaign, LOO@Heartlands on 16th December at the 21 Street Eating House - the first coffeeshop with 5-star Happy Toilet - in Tampines. This campaign would begin at food & beverage (F&B) outlets with Happy Toilets. Pocket tissue packets specially-designed with catchy messages would be distributed to toilet visitors during peak hours from noon to 2pm and/or 5pm to 7pm for a period of three to seven days. Catchy messages such as "Enter in a rush, leave with a flush" and "We aim to please, you AIM TOO please" are some slogans to remind users to adopt the right restroom etiquette. Close to 800 tissue packets were distributed to toilet visitors at the 21 Street Eating House for a period of five days from 13th to 17th December.

RAS launched this campaign as part of its bid to support one of the IAWC report's recommendations on public awareness campaign. This campaign was also launched to help Happy Toilet owners from the F&B outlets to continue to offer quality toilets. RAS has received feedback from the owners on the challenges of maintaining the cleanliness due to irresponsible users. Annual surveys for the past three years still revealed that more than 70% of the respondents had attributed dirty toilets to irresponsible users. RAS is targeting to reach out to all F&B outlets with Happy Toilets over a period of three years from 2011.

Zhenghua Primary School Open House & Bukit Panjang Community Racial Harmony Day

Zhenghua Primary School, a long term partner in our school education initiatives, invited us to its event on 30th July. We were pleased to participate and also sought our community partner, Initial Hygiene to add value to the booth space provided. Gracing the event was Guest of Honour, Dr Teo Ho Pin, Mayor of North West District who was enlightened by Zhenghua's pupils about the model restroom culture established by the school, when he visited our booth. The pupils demonstrated zeal and enthusiasm when conveying to the Mayor about their achievements in restroom-related projects and showcasing RAS initiatives.

The event proved to be a success with an impressive turnout by residents from the North West District. We would like to thank Initial Hygiene for its kind donation of souvenirs for the visitors and Zhenghua Primary School for its gracious invitation and look forward to similar initiatives that strengthen our mutually beneficial partnership.

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NEA Community Day

On 9th January, RAS invited international consultancy and township development group, SURBANA, to showcase their unique toilet-feedback system that offers users the opportunity to 'grade' the quality of the restrooms. Visitors to our booth including Guest-of-Honour Dr Yaacob Ibrahim were impressed with the touch-screen interface that provides user-friendly options for users to offer feedback on matters such as the cleanliness of the restroom, the air quality and the provision of hand soap and toilet paper. Once the feedback is captured, it will notify the cleaning supervisor via SMS and he or she will then assign a cleaner to take remedial action. The system will also track the exact time when remedial action was taken by the cleaner with a simple scan of a card.

After the launch, RAS was involved in one of the stage activities. Our key person for Outreach and Education, Mr Sanjay Balan, shared good toilet etiquette tips such as proper hand-washing steps with the attendees before inviting our President to take the centre stage in a light-hearted discussion of restroom issues with the attendees. Some of the topics discussed were the common places with dirtiest toilets and suggestions to tackle the problem. The NEA Community Day was held from 9th to 10th January at the NEA North East Regional Office for the grassroots organisations and residents of the North East district. This new initiative aims to reach out to the community by getting them to gain a better understanding of NEA's operations.

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