Projects & Activities - Community Year 2013

LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Whiz Facebook Game Competition

At the launch of the LOO Whiz Facebook game at the LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Carnival & Awards in December last year, a competition was organised till 31st March 2013. The competition attracted more than 400 Facebook users and the game was played more than 800 times. Players had to use the keyboard to control the movement of the game character LOO Whiz and 'left click' the mouse to select the right tools to clean up the mess left behind by irresponsible users. Players had to successfully complete three stages in the fastest time to emerge as the top three winners.

The top two winners completed the game in less than 2 minutes while the third winner did so after slightly more than 2 minutes. On average, the top three winners had played the game at least 50 times before submitting their best timed scores. The overall winner spent a total of 4 to 5 hours to clinch the best timing. When interviewed, all winners agreed that the game is not only fun for all ages but most importantly, effective in reminding them to keep the toilets clean and respect the work put in by cleaning attendants. One of the winners also continuously reminds his son to keep the toilets clean after playing the game. RAS will continue to promote the LOO Whiz game at community events and talks.

Singapore World Water Day (WWD) 2013

After its maiden participation at the WWD last year, RAS was invited again by the PUB to reach out to visitors at the Marina Barrage on 16th March. Apart from inviting visitors to take our survey, visitors also had fun playing our interactive LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Whiz Facebook game to experience the demanding work of restroom cleaning. Our partner Tav Shield was also present to demonstrate to visitors its coating technology that created a thin protective film enabling surfaces to be cleaned easily.

The WWD is held internationally on 22 March every year as a means of focusing attention on the importance of water and advocating for the sustainable management of water resources. PUB commemorated its first WWD in 2009 and this year, island-wide activities was held with the anchor event at Marina Barrage, accompanied by satellite activities at five major Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) sites and partners' adopted water bodies.

River Valley High School's Service and Citizenship Society's Learning Festival

For the second consecutive year, RAS was an invited participant of River Valley High School's Service and Citizenship Society's Learning Festival. RAS was given the opportunity to once again showcase its school programme projects that complement the Ministry of Education's new Values In Action initiative. Along with other community partners like Waterways Watch Society, RAS introduced a series of possible volunteering opportunities for interested students to partake in.

The student body of River Valley High came down to the exhibition booths at staggered intervals to view the exhibits and gain more information about our outreach initiatives. RAS was once again pleased to see the interest shown by the students as the students asked very pertinent questions and pledged to keep their school washrooms clean. Aside from our projects and our LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Connect feedback portal, many students were also given a demonstration of our LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Whiz Facebook game and agreed that it was a good way to empathise with their school cleaners. RAS looks forward to more of such school events in the near future.

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