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Clean & Green Singapore

The Clean & Green Week (CGW) is an annual nation-wide campaign organized by National Environment Agency (NEA). The annual Clean and Green Week (CGW) aims to promote pro-environment concern and activism amongst the community. It is an occasion to remind us all to appreciate and care for our environment.

Since the first Clean & Green Week (CGW) organized in 1990, the campaign serves as a platform to promote environmental ownership to the general public and to showcase and recognize the environmental sustainability efforts by the various organizations in the people, public and the private sector.

Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) 2014

Prior to the CGS 2014 Carnival and Launch Ceremony on 26th October, RAS actively worked with the organiser National Environment Agency (NEA) and Public Hygiene Council (PHC) to develop educational contents of one of the CGS exhibits. The CGS exhibition was divided into three areas – Our Stories, Our Actions and Our Community. RAS exhibition area was allocated under Our Actions with the design layout of a toilet setting. Same as the LOO Carnival, our key World Toilet Day (WTD) message of "Ignite a SPARK – Share, Promote & Adopt Restroom Kindness" was also featured at the exhibition. Instead of cliché messages on reminding visitors to adopt good restroom habits, thought-provoking messages prompting visitors to think were used such as: Are we treasuring what 2.5 billion people are lacking – Appreciate what we have.

After the CGS Carnival 2014, RAS continued its involvement in the CGS Schools' Carnival held at ITE College West from 12th to 13th November. Similar to last year, educational games and activities were conducted for visiting preschoolers and primary school students. Colouring activities were organised for the first time to educate the young visitors on adopting good restroom etiquette. For eight consecutive years since 2006, RAS has been actively participating in this event to reach out to the young. This year's carnival which was organised by the NEA attracted 6,000 visitors from 153 schools.

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Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) 2012

RAS was invited by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to conduct educational games and activities for visiting preschoolers and primary school students at the CGS Schools' Carnival from 7th to 8th November. Educational tissue packets were also distributed to remind young visitors to adopt good restroom etiquette. RAS was also presented a plaque in appreciation of its participation. Since 2006, RAS has been actively participating in this event to reach out to the young.

Nine days after the schools' carnival, RAS continued its outreach to the public at the North East CGS Carnival from 17th to 18th November. RAS showcased schools that have participated in the STAR (Sustaining Toilets As Restrooms) Awards Programme via the LOO Connect web portal to the Guest of Honour, Education Minister Mr Heng Swee Keat. Our partner Tav Shield also demonstrated to Mr Heng, its coating technology that creates a thin protective film enabling surfaces to be cleaned easily. This is the first time RAS is participating in the North East CGS Carnival.

Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) 2011 Carnival

RAS was invited by the NEA to showcase its exhibits at the Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) 2011 Launch & Carnival from 6th to 7th November followed by the CGS Schools' Carnival from 10th to 11th November. The CGS 2011 Campaign was launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 6 November 2010. In one of the exhibits at the launch, RAS was featured as one of the founding members of the Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement (KSBM) which aims to mobilise our community to take action to protect and sustain our precious living environment.

RAS was also invited to other community events such as the Woodlands Community Day and the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Day on 31st October and 12 December respectively to share its programmes and initiatives with the public. Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan was present as the Guest-of-Honour (GOH) at the Woodlands Community Day while Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean was present as the GOH at the biannual Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Day to meet up with the residents in Pasir Ris-Punggol Town. The objective of the event is to promote and spread the 'gracious living' message to all residents in Pasir Ris-Punggol Town.

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Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) 2010 Carnival

RAS was invited by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to set up a display booth from 30th October to 1st November at the CGS 2010 Carnival held at HortPark. The CGS 2010 was successfully launched by Guest-of-Honour, Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong, on 30th October. At the launch, many individuals and communities also received the CGS Awards, to recognise their outstanding efforts to maintain and improve our living environment. Among them were some restroom cleaners of five-star Happy Toilets who received awards for the Best Cleaners category. Going beyond the normal practice, RAS took the innovative step to distribute complimentary hand sanitizers sponsored by the Initial Hygiene and shared with the visitors, both young and old, about good toilet etiquette which included a hand-washing exercise. The three-day event saw a good turnout of 22,000 people from all walks of life.

Since its inception in 1990, CGS 2010 is the 20th Clean & Green campaign and this year also marks the 40th year of Singapore's Clean and Green journey. The highlight of the event was the exhibition on Singapore's 40-year Clean and Green journey, where the multi-faceted effort in creating a clean and green environment was showcased. The three-day event was organised by the NEA and South West Community Development Council, with support from the National Parks Board and PUB. It aims to inspire the public to protect and take greater ownership of our living environment.

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Other CGS 2009 community events

With the successful launch of CGS 2010 on 30th October, RAS continued its active participation in other CGS events for three weekends in November. On 8 November, RAS was one of the main partners at the North West CGS Carnival, to support the launch of Green Living @ North West which was held at the Republic Polytechnic. On 15 November, RAS was invited by the Tampines Changkat Citizens' Consultative Committee to set up a booth at their annual CGS event held at their Residents' Community Garden. Following the successful run at the CGS 2010 Carnival from 30th October to 1st November, RAS continued its joint initiative with the Initial Hygiene to share good toilet etiquette tips with the visitors for the two events.

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RAS injected more life into their booth at the North East Challenge Walk in Celebration of Singapore 2010 held at White Sands Open Field from 28th to 29th November. Visitors to our booth were not only briefed on good toilet etiquette tips but were also invited to pen down their toilet wishes for 2010 or good toilet etiquette tips next to our LOO Pledge. On 29th November, Guest-of-Honour, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, also visited our booth after making his speech and presenting the CGS Awards.

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Clean & Green Singapore Schools' Carnival 2009

For the past three consecutive years, RAS had been invited to the Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) Schools' Carnival to showcase its school outreach programmes and conduct fun-filled and educational activities that promote good toilet etiquette. From 10th to 11th November this year, at a section of the carnival - Wonderland - that was specially set aside just for preschoolers, RAS held the LOO quest game, a toilet-etiquette version of snakes and ladders, for the preschoolers to pick up good habits and tips on how to be a responsible toilet user. The two-day event was organised by NEA together with co-organising schools and partners. The event held at the Anchor Green Primary School saw over 210 participating schools, from preschool to pre-tertiary levels, as compared to the 190 participating schools the previous year at Suntec City.

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Clean & Green Singapore Schools' Carnival 2008

In keeping with tradition, the RAS was once again honoured to accept an invitation from the National Environment Agency (NEA) to take part in the Clean and Green Schools' Carnival which was held at Suntec City on the 5th and 6th of November. Not only were we given a booth to display our school programs, we were also allocated a space to set up games and fun events for preschool pupils visiting the event. The RAS had a good deal of exposure from this publicity with 20 new schools signing up with us. We also had the opportunity to mingle with teachers from private and international schools and were pleased to note that they too have expressed their interest to be a part of the Happy Toilet School Education (HTSE) family.

During the course of the two days, RAS also had an enthusiastic 23 volunteers taking turns to operate the Happy Toilet School Education for Preschools (HTSEP) booth. Three different stations were set up: the LOO quest game, the LOO inspector game and the LOO rap. Our volunteers had a fruitful experience as they guided the children in their learning about toilet hygiene through the hands-on experience.

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Clean & Green Singapore Schools' Carnival 2007

Once again, RAS's booth in the NPO sector of the carnival proved to be a hit with students and adults alike. Taking the opportunity to promote awareness of the Happy Toilet School Education (HTSE) Programme, the interesting display and interactive games drew us crowd which expressed much interest in participating in the HTSE programme.

RAS's activities in the Wonderland (for preschoolers) sector also proved to be widely popular as they learnt about good toilet etiquette through "The Loo-tiquette Quest", "Bin & Bowl", "Germ Catcher" and interesting activity sheets. Pictures showcasing the Happy Toilet School Education for Preschools impressed many visitors as well and garnered interest for the programme.

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Clean & Green Week Launch 2006

On Sun, 5 Nov 06, the National Environment Agency (NEA), together with co-organisers North West Community Development Council, National Parks Board and Republic Polytechnic, launched the 17th CGW. The theme for CGW 2006 is Youth for the Environment, with the tagline "Stay Cool, Go Green!".

This year, Restroom Association (Singapore) showcased three of our major programmes in the launch i.e. The Happy Toilet School Education Programme, the Happy Toilet Programme and the Restroom Specialist Training Course. This is to heighten the public's awareness of RAS's efforts to improve the local sanitation issues and to let them know how they can play their part by supporting/participating in our programmes.

Clean & Green Week School Carnival

This year, the Restroom Association (Singapore) publicized and promoted the Happy Toilet School Education (HTSE) Programme extensively during the school carnival so as to encourage more schools to take an active stand in inculcating good toilet etiquette and social responsibility in the younger generation.

Under the NPO sector, RAS showcased our HTSE programme efforts through fun and interactive games/activities which were well-received by the students. Many of them were amazed at how pretty school toilets can be upon seeing Happy Toilets' pictures of other schools.

Four outstanding participants of the Happy Toilet School Education Programme, namely Evergreen Primary School, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, Si Ling Primary School and Yew Tee Primary School were also featured in the Enviro-Innovate sector for schools. Yew Tee Primary School participated in the Enviro-Innovate competition and clinched the Merit Award as well as the Best Booth Decoration Award.

RAS also participated in the Wonderland (for preschoolers) sector as a co-organiser together with Gloryland Learning Centre. This joint partnership resulted in the success of our "Loo-tiquette Corner" which generated overwhelming response from the preschoolers. The "Loo-tiquette Quest" was a big hit with the children as they learnt about good toilet etiquette in a fun and interactive manner in this mega board game.

Central District Public Health Carnival 2006

As part of the Clean & Green Week celebrations, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, Central Community Development Council and NEA organized the Central District Public Health Carnival with the theme of "Join Us To Say No to Litter, Dengue, Germs and Pests". It was held at Bishan Park II on 19 November with the Guest-of-Honour being Deputy PM Wong Kan Seng.

RAS participated in the "Spread No Germs, Be Hygienic" section of the carnival with our Toilet Café (sponsored by Rigel) and interesting exhibits. Both attractions drew crowds to learn more about the importance of personal and environmental hygiene and to encourage the public to take ownership of public toilets.

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