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RAS has been actively engaging with the various communities to promote the cleanliness of public toilets. RAS is one of the strategic partners in National Campaigns & Community Events - RAS has been invited to be part of national campaigns like the World Toilet Day and the Clean & Green Week , which is now the Clean & Green Singapore. It is also involved with various agencies, for example, NEA's Clean & Sparkling Toilets poster campaign; various community development councils etc.

RAS also encourages the public to voice their opinions about the cleanliness of public toilets via SMS or email.

Latest Community Events

World Toilet Day 2016

SaniGives Fundraising Initiative for Cleaning Attendants

In her welcome address to award recipients and guests at the eighth LOO (Let’s Observe Ourselves) Awards ceremony, RAS President Ms Tan unveils plans of introducing a fundraising initiative called SaniGives for cleaning attendants. This is after studying its latest online survey results of 230 respondents with SurveyMonkey. According to the survey results, 8 in 10 respondents expressed their support for fund raising campaigns for cleaning attendants while 6 in 10 respondents expressed their intent of buying toiletries from companies raising funds for cleaning attendants. This was followed by 3 in 10 respondents as undecided buyers with only 1 in 10 respondents not buying them. Under the SaniGives initiative, RAS plans to partner with sanitary-product companies to raise funds for cleaning attendants.

Companies can decide on the amount to be donated to RAS for every purchase made by consumers. Companies also have the option of offering attractive discounts to public individuals who have donated to RAS. Both companies and public donors can receive tax deductions for all donations made to RAS. Public individuals can donate to RAS by making a minimum donation of $10 online via a secured charity donation portal at is a secured charity donation portal created and powered by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). Donations will be used to purchase grocery vouchers and organise appreciation activities such as tribute lunches for cleaning attendants. Grocery vouchers were also presented to winning cleaning attendants at the LOO Awards. Since 2014, more than 150 cleaning attendants have since benefited from public donations.

LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Awards

On 17th November, a total of 47 LOO Awards recipients were recognised for their commendable achievements including 6 Platinum STAR and 20 Gold STAR schools awarded under the STAR (Sustaining Toilets As Restrooms) Awards Programme. In her speech, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Dr Amy Khor said it was imperative to set higher standards and expressed her delight about RAS’ proactive collaboration with its partners, such as Adsec Global, Convergent Smart Technologies, Infinergy Systems, as well as Viso to promote smart toilet technologies. Prior to making her speech, Dr Khor had a firsthand experience of the smart technologies when she visited the display booths. In addition to the above RAS partners, Adkel Solutions and Universal Sovereign were also present to showcase their products to Dr Khor and visiting guests.

After touring the exhibition booths, Dr Khor also went on a tour of the decorated restrooms which was hosted by the students from CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace (OLQP). Apart from clinching the highest accolade of the Platinum STAR award for achieving the Gold STAR in three consecutive years, a student of CHIJ OLQP, Ms Nandini Nair, also clinched the LOO Kidz award which was newly introduced to recognise primary school students demonstrating exceptional leadership and passion. The LOO Awards ended on a high note owing to the great hospitality and commitment of CHIJ OLQP and we wish to express our deepest appreciation to its Principal Mrs Tan and her staff for their support.

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