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Eco-Assessor Programme on Restroom Inspection

The programme, supported by the National Environment Agency (NEA), was developed and implemented by the Restroom Association (Singapore) in 2008.

The Eco-Assessors play a vital role toward the sustainability of clean public restrooms for years to come. Given that they are trained to assess restrooms not only for cleanliness but also eco-friendly features such as energy and water-saving features, the title of "Eco-Assessor" best suits them.

There are two types of Eco-Assessors namely the Volunteer Eco-Assessor (VEA) and Certified Eco-Assessor (CEA).

VEAs will undergo a two-hour training session and upon completion, VEAs will conduct mystery assessments for restrooms under the Happy Toilet Programme (HTP). They can also educate their peers about clean restrooms and promote the HTP to restroom owners within their district.

CEAs will undergo a two-day training session and upon graduation, they will be hired by the association to certify public restrooms under the HTP. They will also submit a detailed report after each restroom audit.

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On-site Training Programme on Restroom Cleaning

The training is conducted by the Restroom Association (Singapore) for existing cleaning crew who are not trained in restroom cleaning.

The training is an interactive, practical and service-oriented programme specially designed to train participants to maintain and manage restrooms independently. Participants are given practical lesson which includes demonstration and hands-on activities as follows:

• Prepare work activities
• Replenish consumable items
• Remove and identify spillages from sanitary fixtures and fittings
• Clean floor
• Reinstate work area


Provided by client


Provided by client

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Three (3) hours


$30 (weekday) / $40 (weekend) per participant


8-10 participants

Upon completion, participants will be equipped with the right skills and knowledge on restroom cleaning. Certificate of attendance will be issued by the Restroom Association (Singapore).

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