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Happy Toilet School Education for Preschools (HTSEP)

In view of the frequent Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) outbreaks in preschools and the importance of inculcating proper toilet etiquette in the children from a young age, RAS had developed a public health educational programme especially for preschools.

Modelled after the HTSE programme for primary and secondary schools, the HTSEP seeks to raise the hygiene and cleanliness standards of preschool toilets towards excellence, and to reduce the spread of communicable diseases such as HFMD among the preschool community.

In March 2007, RAS had partnered with Gloryland Learning Centre to run a pilot test of the HTSEP which not only trained the K1 & K2 students to be responsible and gracious toilet users, but also empowered the teachers and trained the cleaners on the finer points of keeping the centres' toilets clean and hygienic.

Adopting a multi-disciplinary concept, the fifty K1 and K2 children from the three Gloryland centres namely Cashew, Hong San and Toh Tuck learnt about good toilet manners in a fun and interactive manner with plentiful of hands-on activities such as singing the Loo Rap, drawing 'Germy Toilet Bowl' posters, decoding messages and adopting the role of Loo Inspector at Loo Excursion to Teck Whye Primary School and Bukit Panjang Plaza. In addition, in the course of the programme, the children developed process skills like problem solving, observing, inferring and generating.

In partnership with North West Community Development Council, the programme will be officially launched at PCF Sembawang kindergarten on 20 July. The Guest-of-Honour is Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for Health and MP for Sembawang GRC. Subsequently, RAS will reach out to the forty-six PCF kindergartens in North West district. In the future, RAS hopes to reach out to as many childcare centres and kindergartens as possible

Hear what the staff and students at Gloryland have to say about the pilot project:

"The project has provided a meaning platform to integrate with our curriculum to instill many good values in our young children. The approach and materials are interesting and effective. The educators are also given the space to further enhance the lesson plans to address the different group of children. Hence, the positive impact of the project on the children has resulted in many favourable feedbacks from parents. The management will be committed to activate such project in our yearly curriculum."

Mrs Lynn Tan, Operator

"This project has been an enriching experience for all participants. The children have shown an increased awareness about their toilet manners and in keeping the toilets clean."
Ms Yenn, Teacher

"Toileting is an important phase that all children will go through. It is great that this program helps to heighten children’s awareness of the proper use of a toilet not only through lessons but through loads of fun!"
Ms Jen, Teacher

"The workshop highlights the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. The training is able to provide us with better understanding and knowledge of cleaning toilets properly."
Auntie Tan, Cleaner

"I’ve learnt that I need to use the toilet properly. I flush the toilet and wash my hands at home now!"
Cyrus Goh, K2 student

"I learned that if the toilets are dirty, then the cockroaches and germs will come and make us sick."
Renee, K2 student

"We’ve learnt that we must wash our hands the right way & flush the toilet every time after we use it. We must use paper hand towel to wipe our hands but not to fling the water on the floor."
Ong Jing Hern & Tan Hong Ting, K1 students

Official Launch of Happy Toilet School Education for Preschools (HTSEP)

"When you pee … don't play a fool!" rapped some 100 pre-schoolers from PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Sembawang when Singapore's Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan and Mayor Teo Ho Pin dropped by their kindergarten at the launch of the "Happy Toilet School Education for Pre-schools (HTSEP)" programme on 20th July 2007.

Jointly organised by the North West Community Development Council(CDC) and Restroom Association(RAS)as part of the North West community's Green Festival, the HTSEP aims to inculcate good toilet habits in children from a young age so as to reduce the risk of communicable diseases.

Besides being entertained with the Loo Rap and a "Wash Your Hands to Fight Nasty Germs" jingle, Minister Khaw and Mayor Teo also went on an enjoyable Happy Toilet Tour to beautifully decorated loos by the preschoolers such as the Choo-Choo Loo and the Musical Room.

RAS hopes to eventually roll out the HTSEP to all 55 of the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) preschools in the North West District soon.

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