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RAS has been reaching out to preschools, primary and secondary schools through fun and interactive means of inculcating the preschoolers and students with best practices about toilet hygiene and etiquette.

Apart from its school outreach programmes, RAS has also been reaching out to corporations, common tenants of a building, homes etc., through seminars and workshops on toilet issues.



Latest Outreach & Education Events

World Toilet Summit & Expo (WTSE) 2016

The RAS was invited by the World Toilet Organization to its WTSE 2016 held in Kuching as one of the panellists for its panel discussion on overcoming challenges on the ground. Joining RAS were toilet associations from Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. RAS shared about its flagship public toilet rating programme - Happy Toilet Programme which is similarly replicated and implemented in Kuching. RAS also shared its success story of actively engaging all stakeholders including government agencies to raise toilet standards and its partnerships with companies on smart toilet technologies to overcome manpower constraints in Singapore. The Kuching WTSE attracted about 600 delegates worldwide including many Malaysian government officials.

The RAS played its part as a local partner of the Singapore WTSE in 2009 and supported the Philadelphia WTSE in the following year, to share about its close partnership with the government agencies which included working with the National Environment Agency on a revised guideline of providing more female toilets. Since the inception of the World Toilet Summit in 2001, the summit had been successfully held at major cities worldwide such as Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Belfast, Moscow, New Delhi, Macau, Hainan, Philadelphia and Solo, reaching out to a total of about 10,000 delegates.

RAS supports Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Carnival

After the CGS Carnival, which was opened to the public, ended on 6th November, preschools and schools were invited to the carnival the following day on Monday with special stage performance and activities educating them on tips of going green and keeping the toilets and public areas clean. Visiting preschoolers and students also got to visit one of the exhibition booths about public toilet hygiene with our Happy Toilet Programme logo display. RAS was invited by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to set up an activity booth for visiting teachers, parents and preschoolers. RAS partnered with Adsec Global and Universal Sovereign to set up the booth with Adsec Global showcasing its product and bacteria-count learning experience with teachers while RAS conducting the educational game activity for preschoolers.

Preschoolers were presented with tissue packets and tokens, which were sponsored by Universal Sovereign, for successfully completing the game. The popularity of the game saw more than 100 preschoolers visiting our booth, setting a record of more than 10 preschoolers playing the game at the same time. For the first time, the CGS Schools' (CGSS) Carnival was held at the same site of the CGS Carnival to better reach out the preschool and school communities. The CGSS carnivals had been mostly held at educational institutions such as Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Colleges for the past few years.

National Environment Agency (NEA) Pre-school Environmental Education Advisor Networking Session

For the sixth time since 2010, RAS was invited by the National Environment Agency (NEA) to set up a booth at the Pre-school Environmental Education Advisor Networking Session on 26th July to promote its newly launched Happy Toilets @ Preschools Programme (HTPP). Prior to the start of the networking session, enthusiastic principals and teachers were already congregating at our booth to learn more about the complimentary HTPP accreditation which was applicable to only new preschools signing up at the event.

Queues formed at our booth with close to 30 preschools signing up for the HTPP. While joining the queue, principals and teachers were kept busy with information about the Japanese ozone air and water solutions provided to them by our partner Adsec Singapore. Upon signing up for the HTPP, principals and teachers were given samples of PurSoft tissue products by our partner Universal Sovereign Trading. Besides RAS, NEA also invited the Singapore Environment Council and a few preschools to showcase their exhibits at the event.

First preschool activity under the Happy Toilets @ Preschools Programme

With preschools participating in our newly-launched Happy Toilets @ Preschools Programme (HTPP) last year, this year will see these preschools renewing their participation with us. Last year, through games, songs and rhymes, interactive talks were conducted for preschoolers to help them develop a better understanding of toilet hygiene, handwashing, germs and infectious diseases such as Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. After the hygiene talks for preschoolers last year, activities will follow suit this year to further reinforce the importance of proper toilet hygiene and the right steps of handwashing.

On 8th June, RAS conducted its first activity for preschoolers from Sunflower Preschool @ Punggol Field Walk. Preschoolers were led to the toilets to first look at a "clean" toilet bowl which was covered with dried stains. The stains were not visible under normal fluorescent lightings. Preschoolers were thrilled to see the stains lighting up under the UV light after the normal lightings were switched off. The importance of proper handwashing was then intensively shared with the preschoolers to educate them that toilets were always the best hiding place for germs and therefore proper handwashing was essential. The preschoolers were then given proper guidance on the steps of handwashing prior to washing their hands. This was followed by an inspection to ensure none of their hands lit up under the UV light after handwashing. Preschoolers were finally rewarded with the HTPP logo thumbs-up stickers for successfully completing the handwashing activity. We foresee more new preschools seeing the value of HTPP and actively come forth to participate actively.

Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) 2016

After their successful selection for the Citi-YMCA YFC since May, a team called Operation Umbaka consisting of four passionate Nan Chiau High students demonstrated their utmost determination not only in raising over $6,000 for cleaning attendants but also rolling up their sleeves to clean public toilets at hawker centres so as to genuinely experience the physically demanding work of cleaning attendants. From 20th and 21st June, the students successfully mobilised their peers to jointly clean toilets at Serangoon Garden Market and Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre.

In July, the students actively raised funds through street sales of self-made scented candles and other events such as its school cross country race. This was followed by a final carnival at the Rivervale Plaza shopping mall on 14th August. Apart from organising games and activities to raise funds, the students also showcased their creativity with a display board for shoppers to pen down their appreciation towards cleaning attendants. The board was then presented together with lucky draw prizes and grocery vouchers to the attendants. The public can continue to support for this noble cause by making a minimum donation of $10 online at, a secured charity donation portal and tax deduction is available for all donations.

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