The LOO Connect uses the OneMap plug-in which allows the public to locate clean toilets certified by the Restroom Association (Singapore) and also acts as a toilet feedback channel for the public to provide comments by either adding new locations or posting comments on existing locations. The LOO Connect is also available on our facebook page
and a mobile app is also available for download on Google Play Store.

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Posting of Feedback and Comments

Users can select one of the following categories:

Disgusting Toilets

Dirty and poorly-maintained toilets

Certified Restrooms
Restrooms certified with 3/4/5 star rating for its cleanliness, maintenance, effectiveness, design and satisfaction under the Happy Toilet Programme
Schools accredited with a Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Star under the STAR (Sustaining Toilets As Restrooms) Awards Programme

From their selected category, users can select one of the following threads:

Disgusting Toilets
Bus Interchange / Cinema / Club / Coffee Shop / Community Centre / Educational Institution / Food Court / Government Office / Hospital / Industrial Complex / Library / MRT Station / Market and Food Centre / Park / Petrol Station / Place of Worship / Polyclinic / Private Office / Restaurant / Shopping Centre / Sport Complex / Tourist Attraction
Certified Restrooms
Platinum Star / Gold Star / Silver Star / Bronze Star

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